Divisionary Divinity series open

Our Divinity Original Sin 2 show, Divisionary Divinity finally gets its own opening. Did we mention we set Ken on fire? A lot? Join us live on twitch or right here on YouTube, Wednesdays at 7:30pm Pacific / 9:30pm Central / 10:30pm Eastern / 2:30am GMT for fun, strategy and most importantly – setting Ken on fire.

Also don’t forget we’re giving away an Optimus Prime figpin in all its glory! Enter here: https://bit.ly/opfigpin

Watch us live – https://twitch.tv/gamersledge
Support us – https://patreon.com/gamersledge


Divisionary Divinity series open was created on the gamersledge youtube page at https://youtube.com/c/gamersledgedotcom. Please be sure to subscribe and like the video. Or check out our twitch channel for live gameplay at Twitch.tv/gamersledge and be sure to follow us there, too.

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