Mark here, I’m kinda proud of this one.  For some reason it’s been my deal to get really rare MMO trophies and platinums on playstation.  I realized today this one legit took me 10 years and 3 consoles.

It’s a little insane when you think about it; the game has undergone so many changes, and like Star Trek: Online, it’s long in the tooth, especially for a MMO, but even moreso as a console MMO.  This now ranks as my rarest trophy of all time:

It fits in well with my STO rare, my Defiance 2050 rare and my Marvel Heroes Platinum and my Tera platinum(not shown).  (It’s physically impossible to get the STO platinum, I chased it for a year before finding out some of the trophies are bugged/never going to be fixed.)  What’s your rarest trophy you’re proud of?  Let us know on twitter #myrarestPStrophy