Valorant, the free-to-play shooter by Riot Games has announced it will launch on June 2, 2020 after a month-long closed beta where you had to get keys by watching people stream it (which was genius).  Player accounts will reset for anyone who was participating in the closed beta on official launch, according to  IGN.

Players describe the game as a 5 versus 5 tactical shooter with light hero elements mixed in, almost like a combination of Counter-Strike: Global Offense (by Valve) and Overwatch (Blizzard), yet still very much having its own identity.

Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of Valorant said “Our goal has always been to bring Valorant to as much of the world as soon as possible, so we’re hyped to be able to do so on June 2.”

Riot is promising regular updates including new game modes, new agents, new maps, new game content and reset win-loss records and progression starting from zero for all players at launch.

Along with the full launch, Valorant will release with new patch content. Riot is also promising regular new game content, game modes, agents, and maps after launch.

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