Ok, so we aren’t a moving castle, but we are moving.  5 years ago, I took a leap of faith prompted and supported by my best friend and then wife of one day (but gf for four years prior), the day after our wedding (literally) to step onto a plane and come to San Francisco to pursue my dream of working in the gaming media industry.

…I wasn’t a complete idiot, I actually had a job lead with IGN at the time.  Upon getting out to San Francisco, however, it fell through.  But we believed.  And we packed up our three story townhome and sold everything that wouldn’t fit in the Prius and brought the wife out.  We had an apartment, no job, no income and were living off a very limited nest egg.  I was lucky to find work, albeit not in gaming.   We could suddenly afford this stupidly expensive city.  I have continued to try and build gamersledge up and we’ve seen some great progress.  We’ve produced some of the best content here in San Francisco (The Well-Rounded Gamer being one of my personal favorites).

Over the five years we’ve lived here, the industry has changed.  Not just the media industry (which has seen rapid downsizing), but the games industry itself.  One of my early potential opportunities I had been vying for was with TellTale Games.  Thank goodness that did not work out (if you are not aware, the studio imploded in one of the most spectacularly horrific ways possible – and its employees received basically no notice of what was going on until they were mass terminated).  With the #metoo movement and the overworking of employees issues being brought to light in the gaming industry, I had realized over time that I was going to have to do this on my own.

And then Covid hit.  The funny part is, with Matt, Dave, Arturo, Kate, Daniel, Ken, John, Anthony and all the other contributors to the site being spread across the country, we have been trying to tackle the issue of ‘how to make things appear together when they are not,’ for YEARS.

Now the rest of the world has caught up.  And it’s changed the gaming journalism landscape again.  You can work from anywhere.  So we are.  We’re moving Gamersledge from the god-almighty expensive San Francisco to somewhere not quite as expensive.

That being said, we will stream Monday and Tuesday of next week, but will be out the rest of the week due to moving.  We expect to resume streaming at the beginning of September.

Thanks for your patience,


Editor In Chief